Mermaid Linden LOVES TheBlu! What is it? TheBlu is a global mission to create the ocean on the web, an online underwater world for everyone to enjoy. Request access to the invite-only private beta. It's free to join.

Mermaids in Motion is the online home of Mermaid Linden! Here you can see videos, photos, interviews and more about professional Mermaid Linden Wolbert, the host and creator of the Mermaid Minute!

The Make A Wish Foundation is a friend of Mermaid Linden's. If you know a child who has a life-threatening disease, help them discover Make a Wish! Click the link to the left and learn all about this wonderful non-profit that has helped make wishes a reality for over 30 years!


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Helping kids learn about our oceans, one Mermaid Minute at a time!